February 13, 2009
By healed SILVER, Canterville, Iowa
healed SILVER, Canterville, Iowa
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You say it like it's a bad thing,
But you still do it.
You say that you won't go back to it,
But you did.
You say that going backwards is the wrong way,
But if it's so wrong then turn around.
You say you're stopping,
But how long do we have to wait?
You say you're tired of living,
But you have me.
You say everything's wrong,
But you don't give it a chance.
You say its over,
But what about me?
You say good-bye one last time,
But I said I need you here.
You say you'll see me on the other side,
But how is it possible?
You say 'Forgive me for what I do,'
But I already have.
Now you lie in the casket with your eyes closed,
But all I can do is cry next to you.
They're putting you six feet down,
But I can't watch.
Everyone's crying for you.
But I'm praying'
Everyone's throwing flowers,
But I can't say good-bye yet.
Everyone's starting to go but I'm still trying to figure you out'
You said you loved me,
But you didn't let me take care of you.
You told me as long as I was here for you, things were perfect.
But why did you leave me?
You always gave me hope,
But now what?
They're putting things away,
But I'm not leaving yet'
There getting ready to cover you up'
But I must go now.
No one comes around anymore,
But I stay inside.
Everyday you're gone, I miss you more,
But I'm on my way.
You're coming closer now,
But what did I do?
You say hello'
But you're not yourself.
You say you're going to show me around,
But where are we?
You say that you knew I'd be on my way very soon,
But may I ask what happened?
You say with a little laugh, 'You did it just right,'
But I don't remember anything'
You say, 'I will in time.'

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healed SILVER said...
on Apr. 16 2009 at 3:52 pm
healed SILVER, Canterville, Iowa
7 articles 0 photos 1 comment
this poem was written because i had a cutting problem that it took a great guy to fix for me.

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