so, this is love

February 13, 2009
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so, this is love.
a burst of laughter sparkling
with genuinity. an embrace
softly glowing with comfort.
hours of conversation
dripping with sarcasm, wit,
and thorough amusement.
ecstatic butterflies fluttering
chaotically, resulting
in weak knees and sheer
speechlessness. a breath
hovering between two pairs
of lips, nervously awaiting
their much-anticipated
collision. a smile so bright
and breath-takingly gorgeous
that clouds part in its presence,
mistaking it for the sun.
so, this is love.
a brilliant compilation of
atrociously sentimental
lyrics and melodies,
delighting to those involved
and nauseating to those not.
a fallen tear tenderly wiped
away by understanding and
sensitivity. a glimpse into
the soul, hidden somewhere
beneath those resplendent
irises, unearths rarities;
truth, purity, faith, hope.
so, this is love.
a shocking realization that
your life has transformed into
something new and beautiful.
two fates entwined, their bond
unbreakable. so, this is love.

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