Used to be

February 15, 2009
By Clarinet SILVER, Rocky Face, Georgia
Clarinet SILVER, Rocky Face, Georgia
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I used to tell you everything
but now we hardly talk
We used to be best friends
Now I don't see you at all

When we were little kids
We'd run and jump and play
But once we got to middle school
We went our seperate ways

I joined the band
to play the music of my soul
You became a soccer star
To score the winning goal

So high school came for me
but you moved far away
Now we'll never be able
to share our graduation day

Maybe you should call sometime
or lend a helpful hand
I really do miss the old days
and I hope you understand

We always used to tell each other
we'd be friends forever and always
but that just didn't happen
I guess some dreams just fade away...

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