February 13, 2009
By hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
hlbs4him SILVER, Lumberton, Mississippi
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what have i to be,

that i should further rush from Thee,

to further further push from Thee, 
when all You ever ask of me,

is to only look to Thee.

for the meaning of my life,

and the choosing of my wife.

if i would but leave this strife,

of this trying to run my life,
the trying and trying to fix my life.

then maybe i could be the man,

that You've had so long amongst Your plan,

but i wont let him see the light, 
the man i am and the man You've planned,

for me to be, and You to please.

he's in my heart, but to my knees,

i must go, 
to begin the letting go,

and truly let You know,

that i am Yours and he is me,

this man You want me to be, 

but i fear that time will come to show,

that for Your plan i have yet to go,

to my knees, earnestly. 

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