The Shadows of Doubt

February 12, 2009
The shadows of doubt pass over me,
Like a cloud.
They pass through me,
Like an electrical current.
Robbing me of all happiness,
All faith.
The shadows of doubt,
They make lies seem like truth.
And confuse me with a thousand ideas.
They love me,
They want me,
They need me.
They hate me,
They loathe me,
They despise me.
The shadows of doubt,
Such an unexplainable force.
A force softer than a breeze,
But stronger than a storm.
And like a storm,
They are not afraid to kill you.
To tear you apart,
From the inside out,
To destroy you.
The shadows of doubt,
Leave no room for faith.
Because by then,
The doubt,
Is your only faith.

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