Life's Maze

February 12, 2009
By Diana Dessy SILVER, The Woodlands, Texas
Diana Dessy SILVER, The Woodlands, Texas
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Life is nothing but a maze

Shrouded by a cloudy haze

I'm wishing everything was clear

But now you've left me standing here

As you stroll through, map in hand

I am lost in this strange land

I'm running, falling, around these walls,

And from behind,t he minotaur calls.

Now you're sitting upon your throne

As I suffer on my own

So you watch me through the maze

This labyrinth with its many ways

Breath on my neck, makes me freeze

I know you're smiling as you see

That the end is drawing near

You are living off my fear

But now I see the last way out

My own heart's beat, the minotaur's shout

The game is over, my time is done

And now I see the you have won.

This was simply life's cruel maze

To satisfy your twisted ways.

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