The Dancer

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

She holds her head up high.
Her arm lifts elegantly into
Arabesque and her leg comes
Into a turned out posse, slowly
Into high attitude and right
Into high arabesque.
Her foot points hard in her
Silky Pointe shoes while
The other foot has an amazing
Arch in her other silky
Pointe shoe. She holds the pose
Making it look soft even though
Her feet and legs are killing her.
She waits and waits and keeps
Her pose and she feels so confident.

The foot pinkens and
Is floating in the air.
Suddenly the ground keeps
Coming closer and closer and
It hits the ground but is right
Back up in the air again.
This is repeated with great grace.
It feels as if you would be floating.
As if you were dreaming the most
Wonderful dream ever.

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