Letter to Myself

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

There is a few things I must address,
To sit back read, get some rest.
Think real hard.
Is this what you want?
Is this what you need?
All I want to say is dear me,
I hope you get this letter,
In this envelope marked return to sender,
I just want you to know, That even though I don't let it show,
I'm sorry for everything you've become.
I'm glad you didn't run,
but I'm sorry I let you fall so far.
I'm sorry about who you are.

Keep your head up please,
so many people want to keep you on your knees,
so many people would love to see you fall,
so stand tall, and own up, own up to what you did, own up to what you said, cleanup this mess you've got yourself in.
I can't promise it'll be easy but I can promise in the end you'll see the light,
and you'll be glad you made the fight.
You may have lost the battle, but don't let yourself loose the war. How did we even get this far?
Don't give up on who you are.

How could this have happened?
Why couldn't have you done this?
This is first on my regret list.
Where was your head that night?
Strings were wound tight.
In a perfect place to snap,
and when everything collapsed,
when everything just fell down,
did the people who helped you fall come around?
They didn't tell you no, they never told you they thought it was a bad decision,
They put you in that position.
When your on top everyones at the bottom cheering you on,
but they walk away when you're on the ground.
Liars and fakes aren't worth your time,
they aren't worth a nickel, aren't worth a dime.

Let me take this mess now, let me spin it and twist it and make it right.
Let me take it off your hands and let you heal.
Because where you're at now is very real.
It isn't a lie, no more immortality,
What this is? This is reality.
Whether or not you want to face it,
the past, you cant erase it.
So keep your back straight, and keep pushing through,
things will be fine, and soon enough you'll be back to you.

The author's comments:
* I wrote this while experiencing some rough times, its a bit rough itself,but the emotion is real.

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