February 13, 2009
By Anonymous

There is a time,
At the end of the day,
When priorities are met,
Work is done,
A time when
My world has quieted down.
No rushing
From place to place,
No noise against my ears.
Just me.

I think back on my life,
Of the worst moments
Of terror
And loss.
But also of the moments most beautiful.
These times have shaped my life,
And so, to have a time
To think back
To reflect,
Is a great treasure.


Having to leave the old world,
Journeying to the Morningstar
To start anew;
It was painful to experience
Change I wasn't ready for,
Only to realize later
That there was so much more coming.

Feeling alone in
A new place
And for awhile I thought
It would stay that way forever.
But being overly-dramatic,
Overanalyzing the situation,
I was thinking irrationally,
Almost a prisoner in my head.

It was hard to watch
With agony
Some leave, wondering
If they'd ever return.
But I've never really lost them,
If I try,
Really try,
We can't be broken.

The desire to change
To start all over,
To stop living for me,
Start living for Him.

Getting that idea,
Filling those pages,
The pencil in hand
Never weary of writing.
That story will flourish
Because I am determined to keep going.
I will never stop writing
Until the day I die.

There are the little moments, too, that I think of.


Playing the piano on stage,
Spotlight on me,
Making it sing.

Writing into the night,
Exhausted with excitement.
The story keeps on going,
As it always will.

Talking with them,
Learning from them,
Their life changing advice.
Finding them;
True friends.

'Cross country
And across the finish line
I bolt
In a euphoric rush.

My future is uncertain
So I just go with the flow.
Life won't wait for me to catch up
So I'll just ride along with it.

My past was an adventure,
And so is my present,
May my future be, too.

The worst of the worst moments,
The best of the best times.
They formed my life.


The author's comments:
This isn't a comprehensive record of my life story, but just little snapshots that I think, in a way, I share with many.

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