I Dare You

February 15, 2009
By ZOOEY BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
ZOOEY BRONZE, Moline, Illinois
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I dare you to not pull the trigger and kill your dreams away.
I dare you to not abuse your child and let them live and play.
I dare you to not be scared and have your fears faced.
Take some chances and have hope embraced.
I'm utterly astonished by how many problems there are in the world.
I dare you to not just sit there and follow the herd.
I dare myself to not contribute to the problems in the economy.
Even though it's there in front of me.
Like it's written in big bold letters.
I dare celebrities to stop being hypocrits and try to make the world better.
It makes me upset how people can be kiddish.
It's like some type of fetish..that never goes away.
Like your problems.
They seem to just be in the way.
So for my last dare for you is to move on and live for today.

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