my shadow

February 16, 2009
Concerning my shadow, a lot can be said;
Usually one step behind,
Sometimes one step ahead.
When I awake, my shadow I find;
Our two bodies: legs and paws intertwined.

She darts where I dash, right by my side;
Frequently, she scampers too close and we wind up in a bind.
We end up falling and with the floor we collide;
My shadow looks at me and yelps are you blind?!
But usually, the rhythm of our synchronized steps could be timed.

Constantly famished, my shadow, it seems;
Gives repeated nips to my heels while I dine;
Sometimes fierce enough to generate screams.
When I finish the food, we become realigned;
My shadow resumes her nature that's kind.

Yet, every so often, tides do change;
Our two bodies become uncombined,
Our positions rearranged.
I free my shadow from the place she was confined,
Then, I become my shadow's shadow as my shadow runs with her own mind.

Paw to paw and tail to tail we're aligned;
Everything but our liberated minds blend;
Together we match and apart we are one-of-a-kind.
Above all, loyal is my shadow friend;
One animal on which I can depend.

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