Not a Toy Gun

February 16, 2009
By Anonymous

Not a toy gun anymore.

New hair, determination,hero.


What about death,drills, the heat?

Is Army Strong, killing people?

I thought it was defending the little guy.

We blame it on them, but are we
any better?

America is great, so many wars won.

But having coffins come home with

flags isn't winning,

or is it?

It isn't nice,

they treat it like a game.

This isn't kickball

where in the end we all high five

and say "good game".

When it's all said and done,


and Medals handed out and getting hurtfor killing brethran
Cheers of mediocracy,
it isn't that great.
We throw murderers in jail here.

What makes you diffrent?
I see none.
How can you live with yourself?


The author's comments:
Im not anti American just Anti War

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