Hollowed Out

January 20, 2009
By Kyle Le, Mequon, WI

You say that you love me...
but what proof is there, if word means nothing
then all you have left is a hollowed-out heart
the heart pulses for you no more and others wan when within distance

you push those away that want to hold you close
because of your pride, or whats left of it
you try to face your fears and scream at them,
but your voice is silenced and they consume you anyway

one step off the street sends you sprawling into the infinite abyss
when you fall, you'll keep on tumbling down farther and farther, wondering if you're ever going to stop
praying and hoping that someone will catch you on your way down and hold you close

material things in this world, give you shallow pleasure but doesn't quench the soul
because once you begin you never want to let go
and eventually it will end, leaving nothing but a hole.

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