Chocalate Milk

January 20, 2009
By Anonymous

Theres a different world
Everybodys different
No matter what color,size,shape you are
You all have similarities to each other
You can find love in so many ways
You can find joy if your all ready gay
There are so many problems in this world that still accour
Racism differentail
People get judge by thier looks,color and wieght
Dont judge but if you judge whats in The inside of the person
You will never know until u meet that person
Everybody have similarities with each other in so many ways
Thiers hatrat,killing,non loveing in people eyes
When we wake up we should always have a smile on our face everyday
Leave whats in the past and focuse on the future
We have up's and down's but dont let the down's ruin your day
We should always have faith, love,joy and compassion in our hearts
Dont look at the bad side of the person look at the bright side
We all have chioces make and think the right ones
Dont be somebody your not god made you who you are
Thats power inside your body
When things get hard dont quit look up to God he will give you strength
Mistakes everybody makes but you got to learn from them and correct them for you dont do it again
Nobody's Perfect

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