January 20, 2009
By Michael Conrad, Arnold, PA

I just arrived in Germany.
All around me I see bombs
Exploding and people running.
I see buildings crumbling
And windows breaking out.

In the distance I hear tanks
Rolling and guns firing. I hear people
Screaming out of horror. I can
Also in the distance I can
Hear explosions and artillery
Fire. This is the sound of war.

As all this is happening I
Can smell the sulfur from the
Artillery fire and guns. The
Smell of the thick smoke from
Explosions. I can smell the burning
Bodies of those trapped in burning
Vehicles. This is the smell of war.

I am able to taste the sulfur
And the salty air from the lake.
I can taste the fresh air in between
The sulfur tastes. There are so many tastes
That I can’t describe.

I can feel my gun in my hand
As I fire. Unknowingly I reach
For my grenades and feel it
Leaving my hand. I continue
To fire my gun. I can feel the
Backfire from it. It’s making my
Shoulder hurt but I can’t stop.
This is war and anything goes.

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