Puddle of Water

January 20, 2009
Jump in a big puddle of water
that’s what I’d want to be
You can be sand in a beach
or flowers in a field
but let me be a puddle of water
after a heavy rainstorm

Still, untouched, calm
you may think it’s just dirty water
a combination of rain and dirt
sitting in the holes of the road
but there is an urge in every little kid
to splash in that puddle
with their colorful rain boots
getting everything around them wet
giving him or her joy in every little splash

What once was a quiet collection of rain drops
in the pot hole on the road
is now a disturbed area of adventure
Maybe it’s an opening for time travel
or a hole to get to the center of the earth
or a liquid that makes you melt.
But it can’t be in one spot for too long
or nothing will be explored or enjoyed.

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