Inspired by 'The Raven'

January 20, 2009
By John Wilson, Mt. Prospect, IL

It’s a dark day in a small town
Thunder and lightning crash through the sky
Ravens and crows run this twilight
But you stay safe
Hidden behind your chamber door
You were wrong. You thought you would hide never more

Still vulnerable, you need something more
Tired of your life in this one horse town
No one's knocking on your chamber door
You gaze outside, flocks of ravens create a dark sky
It provokes a thought of maybe you’re not so safe?
And you hide, drifting aimlessly into twilight

The ravens will fly, for now is their twilight
Waiting for a shout “Never more!”
It is their sole duty to make you unsafe
Undeniable -- they own your town
And you can’t take solace in blue sky
It’s always black; just shut your door

You hear a knock on your chamber door
You are surprised; no one is outside at twilight
Terror flows through the gloomy sky
The knocks grow louder “Let me in! Give me more!”
There’s always an underworld in a dark small town
The raven sings, “You are never safe”

“Open the door! Open the safe!”
You resist the raven, “Take your beak from out my heart! And take your form from off my door!”
You cannot win. They own this town.
A fiery red covers the gloomy twilight
You run away, and then you fall, you can only resist so much more
“Get on the ground! Reach for the sky!”

Your final thoughts -- why is there always a dark sky?
“She’s done for, break open the safe”
Full of regret -- you should’ve made your life something more
How’d this happen? Did they break the door?
The cracks from the broken door reveal a full moon stemmed from the former twilight
“Don’t ever mess with the ravens, this is our town”

You shouldn’t have tried to make change; you knew this town wasn’t safe
The sky is gradually falling, and the ravens ravage your chamber door
A click and a pull, a flash of twilight, and you are a person, never more.

The author's comments:
This was inspired by Edgar Allan Poe's 'The Raven'. It's highly modernized, and nowhere near as good as Poe's work, it is also of a different subject.

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