January 19, 2009
By Joshua Jacobs, Norco, CA

It seems like the end of the world.
Engulfed in darkness,
It’s so cold.
Life cannot possibly go on.
The world has stopped.
It is definitely the end,
Can’t go on.

Crying on the floor,
It’s just not fair.
Why did it have to be you?
Tears begin to well up in my eyes
Nothing but you can hold them back.
So copious amounts of tears roll off my cheeks.
My head starts to hurt.
You’re gone.
Never to be,

This pain is insatiable.
Ripping my feelings.
There is nothing left.
All alone.

I was there by your side.
You looked so peaceful.
Years melted away from your face.
I watched your chest rise and fall.
No effort at all
But it was not you breathing.
Or me.
It was a machine.
Preserving your life
As long as it can,
But soon you were gone.
Unable to hold me in your arms,
Or feel your warmth.

Now I see.
The greatest pain
Is not physical.
It is Loss.

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