Valentine's, Love

January 19, 2009
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Broken, destroyed, smilies of mine.
My heart says keep close, while my body unwinds
I've forgotten to love and how that works
It feels like a deadly, diseased curse.

The season changes with my love
It's wings bright white, like those of a dove
Sometimes difficult to see, and often forgot
I often wonder what its like to be lost

The pieces of broken hearts surround like a sea
All the while, it rushes through me
Showing what its like to be free, and unseen
Often, it's wrong to even be a little keen

Every time on this day, I lay a rose on your grave
Wishing to god that the light would shine from my darkened cave
There's not enough wishes to grant mine, so that I could say
Happy Valentine's, my love. Enjoy another lonely day.

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