The One Person You Need

January 19, 2009
By tsolennia SILVER, Fairfax Station, Virginia
tsolennia SILVER, Fairfax Station, Virginia
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In a time of uncertainty, someone saved you from life.
You shied through time, surrounded by your inner strife,
Not knowing where to belong, or what to do,
And he melted the insecurities that entrapped you.

He showed you his illusions, he told you his lies.
Naïve and needy, you never saw through his guise.
Before long, he was able to earn your trust,
As he lured you in to satisfy his insatiable lust.

He made your heart drip of fresh scarlet desire,
Overflowing with the passion of a blazing fire.
And you thought you found the way to bliss,
The rare kind that you never knew could exist.

You depended on his words and his scheme,
Since you were content living inside a dream.
And being as oblivious as you were dense,
You thought the whole world finally made sense.

Blindly, you gave him everything you could,
With no sense of where your priorities stood.
And soon enough, your life was not your own.
Still, you would rather lose yourself than be alone.

As time passed, you knew something was wrong.
Fervor was missing; your love was not as strong—
Like the graceful fading of a midnight moon,
Or the last few notes of a beautiful tune.

He no longer wanted what he already possessed.
His uncontrollable greed could not be put to rest.
He longed to search for something new,
And so he finally told the truth to you.

As the dreadful reality sunk in, misery hit you hard.
You drowned in the tears, your soul became scarred.
All hope dissolved into the desolation of the rain,
As the purity and ecstasy faded into pain.

You thought you had wounds no one could ever mend,
And that your joy had come to a cruel and dismal end.
Broken and desperate, you did not know how to go on,
With your salvation lost, and your dear love gone.

You wanted him back, you needed support and love,
And the bittersweet fantasy you would not let go of.
He was the person you could never live without,
So you frantically searched for an easy way out.

But as you gently woke from the confusion and grief,
And slowly freed yourself of your reliant belief,
You realized that your happiness was not his to decide.
After all, he was the reason your heart withered and died.

Then the grand sun emerged from the shadows of the night.
Released from lifeless slumber, your eyes reached the light.
Now there was no more nightmare or torturing prison.
In a lonesome and bleak world, vibrant color had risen.

Suddenly, you did not need that liar any longer.
You started to learn, you steadily grew stronger.
Like a miracle, all the pieces rapidly fell into place.
You had nothing to miss, and no one to chase.

Everything but yourself seemed to disappear.
There was no reason to hide, no reason to fear.
You had a life that had yet to be explored—
A life that was just beginning, one life just restored.

As you reached into the world you had never been to,
A sense of courage and confidence washed over you.
And you gradually stood up on your own two feet,
Feeling utterly and amazingly complete.

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