What do you do

January 19, 2009
By Ali Zofcin, Bridgewater, NJ

Right now i wish i stopped him,
wish he never started,
wish he never bought that, used it, abused it,
i wish he never hid it,
wish she never found it,
wish he never sold it,

right now i wish i wasn't crying,
i wish she wasn't so disappointed,
i wish i never looked her in the eyes,
i wish he didnt need it,

right now i wish you were here to help dad,
for support, for me
cause i dont know what to do..

What do you do when you cant leave,
but you cant stay,
what do you do when your done
when you wanna run away,

what do you do when your brother trips on shrooms,
smokes week everyday,
what about when he deals,
throwing his life away,

what do you do when your lifes falling apart,
when you cry everyday,
when your moms a widow,
with nothing left to say,

what about when he sells your stuff,
so he can stay high all day,
what do you do.

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