January 19, 2009
By beckylyn BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
beckylyn BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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At first you were “red”
Lust, romance
Everything I wanted
Then you were “green”
Jealous, greedy
Your eyes streamed
Tears of “green”
After that you turned “blue”
Sad, melancholy
Afraid of the future
Then, back to “red”
Rage, anger
Fists beating with rhythm
When that subdued
You were shades of “gray”
Dull, unreadable
Untouchable and distant
From there you'd turn "yellow"
Bright, happy
Serenity just flowed from you
Then you were “purple”
Some strange mixture
Of depressed and angry
I never could figure out
After that strange mix
You'd turn stranger
"Orange" was next
Happy and romantic
Bright and angry
My head constantly spinning
As your mood changed
The cycles of colors
Rainbow of emotions
Over and over and over again
Trying to understand
And one day
The colors disappeared
Now you are “invisible.”

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