January 19, 2009
By Tiffany Henze BRONZE, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
Tiffany Henze BRONZE, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
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What's a dream
a dream is a land far away from all things.
where anything can happen,
meet an invisible man,
find a magical pen that draws figures that come to life, discover an unknown, most amazing, and beautiful land that fades away.
Birds start circling like coyotes surrounding their prey.
They look angry, you want to run but your stuck in quicksand.
You think "where did that come from?" When out of nowhere they scoop you up and you yell "No... no, don't eat me, put me down," then as if they knew what you said... they drop you.
Your falling for what seemed like forever.
"Woah, it was just a dream!"

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