My First Wonder of the World

January 19, 2009
By Jessica Luttrell BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
Jessica Luttrell BRONZE, River Forest, Illinois
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As the sun rises each and
Every morning, over the
Vanilla lathered frosty mountain peaks
The spirit inside of me awakens
Like being doused with a rush of cold water
And is ready to explode
Like shaking a bottle of coke and mentos.
My teeth burst out from their shield with ecstasy.
And over those mountains,
A cloudless blue topaz stone-like sky appears.
A perfect skiing day.
My never-ending love
For beauty, power and bliss
Is not a dream anymore
When the first lifts begin cycling
At 8 o’clock because it brings me one step closer
To the fresh tracks, that are lain out
In front of me, with brand new powder,
All the way up to my knees.
No breeze. No one around me.
The views, the power.
The stillness of the snow-covered trees,
And the smell of the fresh pine trees.
The shine of the sunlight off the new snow.
The wind hitting my goggles.
The way my skis maneuver through the
Moguls, the trees, the race course.
It sent a cold tingle
Of exhilaration running down my spine,
Making it ever so much harder
To make it down the slope.
The fear of hurting myself,
The fear of not completing the run,
The fear of the new powder
This adventurous experience of
Skiing the hardest and most challenging run
Is worth every sweat of fear.
My favorite memories of life
Flashed by reminding me why this place
Is my one true love.
The place to escape to. The place to dwell on and
To laugh about.
The place for only skiers.
As the fantasy ski day
Is put to rest,
I relieve my
Numb, aching, throbbing, sore, bruised
From my wet, cold, tight
Ski boots,
I sit in awe,
Gazing at the beautiful scenery
Of the 1,800 acres upon
Four challenging mountain tops.
And loving the fact
That I am living my
Heart’s desires.
And as the sun sets,
And the subtle pink, purple, orange, yellow
Clouds emerge and
Leisurely fall from the sky,
It brings forth the night,
Which will press the reset button
Once again.
A new beginning is set in front
Of me to grasp
And enjoy to
World’s end.
The ski runs became still and silent.
I as I listen to the
Sound of snow breathing
After a day of beating
From the thousands of
Pairs of skis,
Preparing themselves to
Another upcoming hard day.
The shadows fade upon the once
Sparkly untouched fresh powder snow.
The once growing
Teeth showing smile
Slowly but surely
Disappears as a victorious ski day
Has ended.
And as I finally take
One slow deep breathe
On my snow covered porch,
Shivering with no socks on,
I pray and wonder if
Tomorrow will present me the
Same happiness.
This is the paradise
That lies within
Deer Valley Resort in Utah
Is what I call
My home.
My first wonder of the world.

The author's comments:
My inspiration for my poem was my favorite place in the world because it allows me to forget every chaotic thing that is in my life and brings me joy, happiness and pure bliss. This place brings out the best in me.

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