Father Don't Give Up

January 19, 2009
By Ariel Jones, Calumet City, IL

It took you two to create me
Now please don't up and leave
If not for mom just do it for me
I don't like the sound of two
So can we please be a family of three
Riding my bike, if I fall I'll need you to patch my knee
Before you leave just think of all the fun, we'll have decorating the tree
When I cry who will hold me
And what about the days when mom is gone
I'll be home all alone
If you stay I'll make it right
I also promise to never fight
If you stay I promise to cook and clean
What ever you do just don't leave
Daddy please don't be so mean
I love you both
But a happy family is what i want the most
You and mom may fuss and fight
But I promise I'll make it right
Daddy please don't make me another statistic
No matter what we're gonna make it

Don't worry son I'll never go away
No matter what I'll always stay
Just know that I'll always love you
Nothing or nobody else comes above you

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