The Tree of Life

January 19, 2009
By Sean Hardy, McMurray, PA

It stands tall and proud,
Hiding in plain sight,
Silently nurturing all of the world.

A man comes to it's sanctuary
With greed in his eyes
And an axe in his hands
He searches for this majestic tree of legend,
Fueled solely by his own lust for useless possessions.

He finally discovers this source of life
And runs toward the giver with his axe raised,
Prepared to give his most powerful blow
But something stops him.

It is his own beating heart
For although his eyes see only profit
And his hands feel only gold,
His heart knows of neither and senses what this tree truly is
And it alone stops this terrible action.

The man is confused
And looks closer at the tree before him.
He now sees its beauty and power
Which he sought to destroy only moments ago.
The eyes fill with tears
And the hands drop the axe.
Both are stunned at what they have almost done.

The man now stays in the forest.
No longer as a woodsman but as a gardener and protector,
Stopping all who have greed in their eyes
And an axe in their hands.

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