The Exceptional Exhibition of the Human Soul

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He waved his arm like a skillful ringmaster
Baton gleaming and eyes scheming
“See here everyone” was the ardent call
“To witness an event the world will recall”

And so heard a few, and then many a more
Until outside the door a crowd did roar
“Patience, patience, my dear ladies and gents
You’ll see what you wish, if what you wish is meant.”

And first with a wave, and then with a shout
The ringmaster’s command did echo about
And each and every eye was drawn
To the colossal cage the small man stood upon.

“Below the tips of my toes, you know
To you I have chosen to show, to bestow!
An exposition of mankind that none does equate
The exciting, the exceptional, the exhibition of fate!”

A flourish of his arm, and the sheet came undone
“Look here at the prize, at the prize you have won!”
And then he came silent, for all was so still
That among the onlookers there flittered a chill.

For between iron bars, the creatures looked through
And there were hundreds, or still maybe two
And sunken eyes with sunken skin
Told their story from deep within.

“These creatures were once men with a furious obsession
Who saw the whole world as a land of progression
Until once they discovered the quest that they sought:
Their yearn for immortality could not be forgot.”

Soon to the crowd what had happened was clear
And gasps that enveloped could be heard far and near
While the ringmaster watched with a gloat and a grin
Soaking up the pleasure of the caged men’s chagrin

“These were once scholars, once flaunted, once proud!
And look where they’re caged now, before such a crowd!
“See how the tables have turned from before?”
His wicked eyes gleamed with the truth that he bore.

“For they spent their days working to undercover the truth,
To bestow the whole world with the gift of our youth!”
How greedy, how insatiable, how quenchless, these men!
And thirst for eternal life struck again and again!”

“But then they did do what they dreamed they could do!”
The ringmaster shouts were seized with zest anew
“The impossible became possible, their dreams became true!
Their fantasies were reality, for they had ended mortality.”

“But the good people went forth!” the ringmaster did shout
“To halt the impurities the men brought about!
And instead of the privileged departure from life
The scholars are trapped in our world filled with strife.”

At this the ringmaster did spit at his feet
To assure the huge crowd of the creatures’ defeat.
“And look at the where they’re trapped now, those geniuses crowned!
They opposed common good and for that they are bound.”

Atop the vast cage the small man drew a breath
And continued in a voice just as solemn as death
As the crowd watched the cage with terror ascending
“Could you imagine a life where this world’s ever pending?”

“So pray listen to me, and please don‘t meander”
His last words were laced with conspicuous candor
“And tell all you know who are prudent and whole,
Of the exceptional exhibition of the human soul.”

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Avidreaderandwriter said...
Jun. 9, 2010 at 7:05 pm
whoa.. just..whoa.
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