Cover Girl

January 19, 2009
By Gabbie Levine, Milwaukee, WI

Cover girls on the magazines
Pressed powder perfects the skin
They swim in their shirts like fish in a tank
Legs like poles-long and lean

A teenage girl looks at these flawless images
Mirrors transform to shattered glass on the floor
Food, her worst enemy, scoffs
Thinning hair, hollow eyes

Ribs protrude through her skin
Ice cold hands, purple lips
Muscles weak as the fragrance of a dead rose
Societal pressures hand her a death sentence

The author's comments:
I think struggling with body image is something that people deal with on a daily basis and that a lot of people are afraid to face it. People need to know that if barbie were blown up to proportion, she wouldn't have any insides because she'd be too skinny. It's okay to look unique because otherwise the world would be a boring place.

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Haley said...
on Mar. 6 2009 at 1:38 am
that's a really interesting way to look at it. It's so true and i think it's cool that you're speaking out about it. I love how you phrase it that way, like handing the girl a death sentence, that's different, but cool, i really like the poem you should write more of them, please check out my poem too at

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