Good Bye

January 19, 2009
By Khan Nguyen, Nashville, TN

Your here,you there,your everywhere!
In the corner,and back of my mind
Why do i think of you all the time?
You may not care,but i do
I just miss being with you
Talking,laughing,hugging,and kissing
How can you be mad at me for caring?
Day after day,night after night
I tried to hold on with all my might
What i did to you was wrong
And for that mistake,your gone
Seeing you with him hurts
But knowing your not there is even worst
We walk pass each other
And i don't know what to say
You expect everything to be your way
Me say "Hi" when you don't
Me say "Bye" when you wont
Its not me,its you
Calling me names,never want to talk
Kicking me around like a stupid piece of rock
Well fine than walk away!!,I will always care
And if you need me i'll always be there
But if you want me than i'm not here
For i can't put us through all of this again
But right now i just want you to be my friend
I know you don't care of what I have to say
But i just want to hang out with you for at least one day
Away! from everyone,just me and thee
I can't stand you hating me
It may be hard but we'll try
If we can't than i guess this is "Good Bye"

Sorry for everything
Just wanted to let you know...even if you don't care
Just know i'm always here

The author's comments:
Love,Nature and,Drama is what inspires me to right.I only write about to truth.

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