The Stairs

January 19, 2009
Forever seems to elude me
As I walk these winding stairs.
Their end seems so far,
but ultimately there

The unknown breeze seems cool against my neck
As though it were a friend
There to reassure me
Of the once forgotten dream I held so dear

My heart swells and falls
In a rapid succession
That seems only there to
Hinder my everlasting hope

For most would flee
Down the stairs in fear
Me, I embrace my fate
And see the light I always denied

Around are the pictures
Of long forgotten pasts
Ones of queens and poets
But where does mine fit in?

I find myself lost in the shuffle
That occupies only I
But a criwded feeling still lingers
Knowing fate is drawing near

It all seems so foreign
But still I know the truth
My end is near
No longer can I forestall

My breaths are short and quick now
But still I feel calm
I can see the end
Of these ever ever winding stairs

Light falls upon me
And I know what I must do
Say goodbye to all that once was
And everything I knew

This is my time to be amongst the crowd
And feel love all the same
This is my final boarding call
My last chance for the train

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