A Reason

January 19, 2009
By Colin Mark, Tenafly, NJ

Why am I here?
This isn’t right
I should be gone
I shouldn’t be the one
Why did I survive?
Why am I
So worthy
Of this right
To be saved?

Don’t dwell on that
Don’t say those words again
You are alive
You are well
You’re guilt is your curse
To haunt the life you’ve been given
That life is yours
That curse is of your own crafting
You’ve been saved
Don’t regret it

Why did they let me?
I’m not the one
Why did they save me?
Why was this done?

You are your future
Control your will
You are your enemy
Only you can kill

They let you live
Only you care why
Now is the time
For you to defy

The rules have been broken
So there’s no need to obey
They let you survive
So you’re quest begins today

How can I serve?
How can I think?
This isn’t right
I’m not destined for this fate
I broke the rules
The penalty will come
I’m no exception
I’m not The Great
I’m not The Powerful

I have no future
I’ll have no name
I wasn’t saved
To gain my fame

You will be the one
To set us free
You have a purpose
You have something to be

I am a fluke
An accident
How can I have worth?
My life means nothing to the world
My existence is aimless
My heart is corrupted
My future is tainted
I’d rather be dead

Only you can change the world
And only I
Can change your mind
Our mind
Together we will save the world
From the evil we created
You shouldn’t be alive
I shouldn’t be alive
But something
Let us live

And what am I
Supposed to do?
How can we help?
This can’t be true

But yet we live
While others die
We must have worth
In someone’s eye

I cannot see
I can’t believe
We must be wrong
I can’t conceive
That we have meaning
A reason to be

We’re not an angel
Upon this Earth
Give my regards to the angel
That caught me as I fell
But I wish that angel let me
Fall right into hell

That past is gone
That isn’t us
We’re meant to change
And change we must

Go change alone
And leave my mind
I know what I’ve done
And I can’t leave it behind

The past has wings
It always flies
I can’t outrun it
It never dies

You have a reason
One day you’ll see
Until that day
You’ll be without me

That day won’t come
But please do go
I’d rather be alone
I’m sure you know
That this wasn’t what I wanted
I don’t want this chance
I don’t deserve it

They all fall over the edge
Why am I the one they catch?

I have no reason
To stay alive
I am repentant
This time let me dive

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