the start of something new

January 19, 2009
By Anonymous

The past was history,the present is adventurous,

the future is a mystery.

It doesn't take a brave person to change it's the

willing that counts.

when u reached the point of rock bottom the only

way is to take a second breathe and reach up.

what does it take to say i am starting a new story and

crumble your past memories.

It's a big risk to forget your past if your love one's are

written in your story.
There is good time's ,there are bad times, the one's that

last forever is the time's you hold on too.
There is always a bad guy in our story, and a good guy

or is it just we don't know what we are.

I imagine there is a good ending and a unfinished story
it all depends on who is writing it your iner our your outer


what makes us take the step to change is it the choices

or is it the mistakes that push you there.

The true meaning of a new start is to forget,forgive,

and move on

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