January 19, 2009
By Jeff Brinker, Phillipsburg, NJ

Can I climb this mountain alone?
If only I was accompanied.
Am I strong enough to reach its peak?
I feel so, I know so, therefore I am so.

If grace is so great, then why do I find it hard to believe?
There is a little bit of doubt in all of us.

If I write, will I truly express myself?
Opinions weight on all our minds.
Is it wrong to question a question?
Everyone questions everything once.

Can you walk a mile in my shoes?
Can I walk a mile in yours?
Tread lightly and steadfast.
Do we tamper on grounds we do not know?
We are new to changes we have set.

If I could go back and change the past, would I?
I honestly don't know.
How could I know what the new turn of direction would bring?
When you change the past,
You change the life that is truly yours.
You live a lie.

If I express myself, do I need to weigh out both outcomes?
It is the fear of the unknown that haunts you.
When I pass away, will I have left behind a story?
A story as great as yours?

In my arms you sleep tonight, for tomorrow begins anew.

The author's comments:
There are times where we are alone, in doubt, and in question. Through these times, the ones we love are always there to guide us, to stay with us, and to believe in us.

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