I've Fallen in Love

January 18, 2009
By Lauren Mendelsohn, Ramsey, NJ

I’ve fallen in love with a boy.
He’s got eyes as blue as the sky—
But on some days, they have a hint of grey.
He’s shy, so he doesn’t smile much,
But when he does it’s like a beam of sunshine.
My heart skips a beat.

I’ve fallen in love with a boy.
He’s the most gorgeous thing you’ve ever seen.
When you see him, you’d swear it’s a statue of a Greek god.
He moves with such grace and such strength.
When he lifts his backpack and his muscles flex,
All I can think about it those very arms around me.

I’ve fallen in love with a boy.
He said hi to me the other day.
Well, almost—he was talking to the girl next to me.
But that’s close enough.
His voice was like music.

I’ve fallen in love with a boy.
And he doesn’t even know my name.

The author's comments:
One of the ways that I vent is to just put all my thoughts and feelings on paper, so my problems are not all bottled up inside of me. This poem pretty much summarizes my life; I'm the hopeless romantic who's constantly alone. Nevertheless, I've learned to hold my head high and keep moving on, but beneath that façade of mine is all the loneliness and heartache of this poem.

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