I Looked at My Mother

January 18, 2009
She closed her eyes and breathed
with just one breath she tasted her surroundings
a sunny afternoon
The crisp wind sent her dark hair in spirals, dancing through the air
she smiled.

The sun painted rose petals on her cheeks
the warm air caressed her body and softened her fears
she grabbed my hand
I followed.

She led me to a bush, in front of our home
its stems reached for the heavens
its flowers, though small, radiated life
I looked at my mother.

A bumble bee hummed past us
reminding me of sweet, honey tea
It pushed into a white flower
collecting yellow pollen, and moving along

I looked at my mother
she smiled as she gazed into the sky
the sun was waving good-bye as it hid behind the clouds
she took my hand again.

I looked at my mother.
She looked at her daughter.

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