If Love

January 18, 2009
By Kasey Brinkley, Athens, GA

If love is blind then i cant see. My heart is saying that he is mine to keep! I try to express my feelings everyday, but no one pays attention they just walk away. Then I ask myself "Im I doing something wrong?" and yet i cant imagine...My love for him grows stronger everyday, but seeing him with someone else makes the pain come awake. I have apologized many times, again and again, but there is still no hope for the stage im in. I want to say its all a dream and im going to wake up any moment, but I know I will be lying to myself, even when my heart's annointed! I ask for advice and I get the same thing, people say I should talk to him, try it again, but is that going to work when he doesn't look my way! Seeing him with someone else is like seeing a snake biting a baby....thats a sharp pain running through my body. My days are running short and I have to make a move, but I know I cant make one unless he becomes my boo. Asking for help doesnt matter any more, he hates me, i love him, he's the one i adore...I want him to understand that im different and im willing to take that extra step...Im not speaking from my mind, but yet im speaking from my heart. I dont want him out of revenge, I want him because my heart longs for him! It sits there waiting for him to come back even though im telling myself he is gone forever, but my heart beats louder than my thoughts and the beats knock my thoughts out the way. So now I have a determined heart, a confused mind, and a emotional body! I cant control my feelings or my tears, so what's left? I have said everything that was on my mind and heart...So I have to either accept the fact or just wait! but by the way it looks I have to just accept!

The author's comments:
It comes from my heart and this is how i feel, Im 16 and enjoy writing!!

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