And the mortal fell for the God

January 18, 2009
By Maria Villagran, Katy, TX

How blind can you be to now realize it is me whom you've been looking for. I can be the girl of your dreams and even more, for you my sweet deserve beyond the sublime. I am not perfect and as a human I have my flaws but to love you I have come to this world. You are a God and I am nothing but a fiend who will never be worthy to even catch a glimpse of that beauty my words cannot suffice. I thought it was just a myth but at the instant our paths joined in this mess of a world, I knew what true and pure love was. I cry not of sorrow for my uncorresponded love but for mercy to this dying heart that cannot bear more bliss. Take my burdened heart for it is yours to destroy as you wish. You have me at your feet, a slave who will follow and serve unconditionally to your commands.

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