January 18, 2009
I am an eighteen year old, living with cancer

But not really

I’m filled with a passion for the world and an undying

Zest for life

I am eighteen, living with cancer

But not really

I photograph life

But don’t let it pass me by
Love is my religion

Filling me with hope and solace

I am, living with cancer
I’m vulnerable
Filled with hate

But not really

I am a role model

Who is less than…at times
I will teach my sister how to love and

…put on makeup

I will attack life
And change the world

I am, dying with cancer
But it won’t take me
After all we are all dying from birth

As I write this my tears for a year ago resurface
Like crystal beads each holding its own story

As I face live against the disease sharing my body

For an eternity

I am an eighteen year old living with cancer
My life is just beginning

I have to survive for everyone who loves me
But I am not afraid
I am strong
I am loved
Darling do not fear what you don’t really know
I know this


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