I Believe

January 18, 2009
By Chelsea Nelsen, Springfield, NE

I believe
If we took each step we have imprinted on this Earth,
And combined them, just mine and yours.
Our foot steps would make the most intricate, most stunning drawing,
any person has ever seen with their barenaked eyes,
Van Gogh himself would raise from his dirt bed,
Just to bow to our workmanship.

I believe
If people consistantly attempted,
Attempted to do the unimaginable.
Like raising the sun with their bare hands,
Or discovering a good in pure evil.
Peace would be as easy,
As finding the prize inside a cracker jack box.

I believe
If people spent more time,
Appreciating the smaller things,
That make this world a gorgeous place.
Like the dimples on babies cheeks,
Or the complex songs of the rain drops' feet,
Dancing on top of the translucent surface
We call glass.
It wouldn't be so complicated for humans,
To appreciate the small things in themselves,
That make them just as beautiful.

I believe
In us.

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