January 19, 2009
By Rebecca Blenkner, Columbus, MT

I hate how rain can be so depressing. The dark day no sun in the sky to cheer me up, no sound of the birds chirping to make me happy, no children outside, laughing, playing.

I love it when we are all together, we laugh so much I bet everyone around us thinks we’re crazy. And we laugh at the littlest things, no one else would ever understand.

I hate how your hair falls in you face so I can’t see your eyes, your beautiful blue eyes, sparkling like the stars in the sky, or… the dew on the grass, or … the rain on your jacket.

I love the summertime, when the sun shines so warm, it feels like nothing could ever change how we are at this very second, no one can take away the love in our hearts.

I hate how we can’t be together, you don’t even notice the feelings I have, because right now there is only one girl for you and this girl is not me. It will never be, you have her forever.

I love how sunny days can make me so happy. The bright day, no rain in sight, to make me unhappy. The birds are chirping all around me, children laughing, playing.

I hate it when people think down upon me or anyone for that matter. Who are they to judge who we are? I want people to meet the ‘me’ inside of this girl who so longs to show the world how wonderful she can be, with no doubt at all.

I love how when you smile you get little dimples on you cheeks and when you smile I can’t help but smile too, your wonderful shining teeth, the sweet look in your eyes, almost like another way to say I love you.

I hate it when, on a cold day, you get that perfect cup of hot chocolate that you’ve wanted oh so badly and the minute you take a sip to warm up, it burns your tongue like crazy, almost as if to say, get the heck away from me!

I love this life, I love it so much! I never want these people to go away; I never want to grow up. I love how we are right now, and I LOVE you guys!

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