Unkown-Well Known

February 12, 2009
By Alain Anton BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Alain Anton BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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Incognito i stroll in with frighten eyes.

I take a seat not knowing were im at

Glancing around thinking of the day i despise

I tracked someone down, got up to chat

Its not the same no more it seems so easy

to move round, show who i really im

since i know more people, feels less cheesy

knowing that i have friends im not condemed

Im comfortable with who i see before me

wearingthis suit makes me feel like a broker

i have reached my destination, to dance with she

everyone had a great time with eachother

ill never forget these three years until theres no light

ill remember them even when i have no sight

The author's comments:
Well this article was inspired by my friends and significant other. Them being my friends is really important to me and so is my girlfriend. I wanted to show people that think they could never have friends just because they never talk to no one, that you actually could and be part of something special.

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