Curse of the Terrible Pictures

February 12, 2009
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My preschool picture was terrible
My lip was twice its normal size
Cause I was hit in the lip with a stick
When my brother was beating the bush

In my first grade picture when I was six
My cheek was black and blue
All cause my brother was playing with a baseball bat
And he swung when I was just a little too near

For my ID in Williamsburg
My face was red and burning
'Cause my dad had just hit me
When I was goofing around

In my California pictures I sneezed
In the England ones I blinked
In the France ones I just tripped
In Minnesota I was blurry

In my fifth grade picture my hair looked
Like the Wicked Witch of the West
In my seventh grade picture was the worst
I looked so tired and cruel

Now why can't a have a good picture
That I can show to people
Without having to be bashful
But I had to get the Curse of the terrible pictures

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