Ophelia's Embrace

February 12, 2009
By altindiegirl GOLD, Cedar Park, Texas
altindiegirl GOLD, Cedar Park, Texas
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The water is a second skin
encapsulating my body
in its sapphire embrace

Wet, cold
you touched me
and my body was electric

You smelled of cheap cologne
and your breath enraptured me
with the lingering smell
of burnt tobacco

I remember your stolen kisses
and wavering glances
two topaz orbs
starring out of a weathered

Would you still love
The rouge pooling on sunken
cheeks, my lips pursed
waiting for your caress?

The raindrops whispered to me
yet I already knew the answer

I baptized my foot
in the abstract murkiness

The second skin bathed
me in its eternal benevolence

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