Midnight Sail

February 12, 2009
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Inspired by "The New Moon"

Midnight Sail

whisper, tiptoe,
into the night
carefully, carefully,
turn off the light

gently shut the door
so they don't wake
notice the silence
we can't break

into the light wind
the crisp night air
watch for things that
in day, are rare

the only sound
is the wind on the lake
and then you know
this is not a mistake

we are reaching the dock
gently climb in
when i rig the boat
we'll go for a spin

hand on the tiller
hold the main tight
gently guiding the white boat
as she cuts through the night

we cut silently through water
like dark midnight glass
a frozen plain,
solid blue gas

I hear the wind
as it blasts through my ear
i hear your gentle breathing
I dream when you're near

I'm determined to show you
how much I've learned
so happy to see you
now that you've returned

you gently take over
so I can gaze and sleep
I hold your hand
as i gaze into the deep

the dark water glistens
when hit with the moonbeams
I lay in your lap
and my head fills with dreams.

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