Student of Love

February 12, 2009
By gwonder24 BRONZE, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
gwonder24 BRONZE, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
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When love has u in a chokehold
What r u supposed to do
Do u just give up
Wait till ur face turns blue
Or should u let love
Choke u to death
Loving urself
Wont last u long
The question is
To experience love
Or no love at all
Im afraid of love
I hear its a rough fall
But when cupid
Shoots u in the heart
Can you and love
Really part
Or are u stuck 2 gether
Through rain sunshine
Any weather?
Through sleet and hail
Maybe even jail
Will it be an everlasting love
Like the energizer bunny
Will it keep going
And going
Will it ever stop running
Does the pulse of love
Match the pulse of my heart
What about the flow of my soul
Something about love
Has me like woahhhh
Ohhh oh uh ohI
dnt wanna be a single lady
Oh no!
But theres something about love
That has me all perplexed
Love can be simple
But yet so complex
So love do u have answers
For my questions above
Signed sincerely Girl Wonder
A future student of love

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rOBOCOP212 said...
on Feb. 27 2009 at 8:09 pm
Nice work! Amazing Poem

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