You'll Never Know.

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

How am I supposed to tell you?
I don't understand this.
Sure I know all about letting your emotions out and such, but
How am I supposed to tell you?
You're the best friend that I have fallen for.
I tried really hard not to like you, but it all backfired.
My plan failed and now I love you.
Now you told me that you like this girl.
This girl that of course just happens to be so beautiful and perfect.
She is everything I'm not and it kills me.
I have to act like I'm so happy for you, when really it's killing me.
Of course, I'll support you on whatever you choose to do.
But, it's only because I'm afraid of losing you.
I know you figured out there's something wrong with me.
But, trust me you will never discover what is burning inside of me.

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