The Voices

February 12, 2009
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I don't know. Couldn't find the reasons. Only for a second. That's what THEY yelled. THEY were voices. Always there. But not always clear. I sometimes thought. Thought they were real. I tryed to ignore them. It worked for a little while. Then came distractions. Say FAREWELL. It was like food for all the voices. Minutes, Hours, Days, Maybe Weeks. They all passed so quickly. I thought I was stronger than the voices. But they overpowered me. Then I became self-conscious. I looked for HELP. I cryed in PAIN. I screamed so LOUD. And still NO ONE CAME. Am I REAL? Or Just Insane? Why does it hurt? How'd I get here. "Come this way!" that's what THEY say. So I follow. Am I to BLAME? "Pick it up!" The voice yelled out. I flinched at the rough sound. Next thing I know. I am on the ground, CRYING and BLEEDING.

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