The Phoenix

February 12, 2009
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There I stood with his hand held in mine,
smiling broadly and sipping some wine.
As we looked at our finished piece of laborious work,
we knew the building before us had a great quirk
No bakery in Greece could compete,
now that our business was on its feet.
We had met just three summers before,
and fallen in love in line with folklore
In six months from our meeting date
we were married and through our first gate.
Our passion for baking was something we shared ,
and months later we chose to make that for which we cared.
Soon a new building was erected for us;
so people came by car, plane, or bus.
Our bread and cakes were the finest around,
until Ferdinand, our helper, burned the place down.
When I heard our work was ruined by Ferdinand,
I shouted in anger to be sure and tell my husband.
Then the messenger of the terrible news's face fell,
and she told me that he knew all too well.
I cried and then screamed and threw things around
but nothing could pick my spirits up from the ground.
With no response from the one I love,
I began to pray in silence to those above,

Finally, I pushed my mourning aside,
deciding to move on and push my love deep inside.
So, I bought an old building with cobwebs and age,
and through my loss became a sage.
Soon, I was creating a new bakery for my handsome Greek man,
to symbolize the remaining memories as well as anyone can.
My love and sorrow were poured into the place,
as was the money I tried not to waste.

Today is the opening of the new building,
and I wonder at its success because it is raining.
But, now, what is that in the sky?
Look at that which catches my eye.
A glimmer of sunlight tears through the cloud,
and peals back all that was a shroud.
Apollo's chariot radiates off the wings
of a crimson-violet bird whose song beautifully rings.
The phoenix looked straight at me with fire in its eyes,
and the prosperity, hope, and resurrection is not in disguise.
Joy and warmth of the fiery bird above,
reaches into my bones and soul to resurrect my love.
I watch graciously and humbly as the creature flies
to his true love and god, Apollo, to which he will arise.
Now I stand with the hope of the phoenix in my body,
as the light of ambition and happiness seep through me.

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