Cut Out Your Mouth

February 12, 2009
By KillerUnknownxX BRONZE, Griswold, Connecticut
KillerUnknownxX BRONZE, Griswold, Connecticut
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I can almost see it
Coming right for me
When it does it takes over
This feeling controls me so I can't see
It makes me sick
I feel as if I were drowning
The pain is as sharp as an ice pick
That stabs me so
I can never find the strength
I can never go

I hang my hopes by the neck
Give in and throw myself from the hopeless deck
Into the sea my sorrow set free
I'm anxious, I'm tired
It all kills a pretty smile in me

I'm getting higher in my head
Really I'm the lowest who feels dead
My body sits here quietly while
My eyes scream for help
My mind plays a game
Now I'm sinking in shame

This is not me
Its not who I am suppose to be
The truth hurts
Those horrid temptations still flirt
I fall without hitting the ground
It's not right I can't make a sound

Let's start over
My head is above water
Deep down I know it won't last forever
But I'm only human being
I believe I was built for bad weather

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