Color of Patients

February 12, 2009
By Anonymous

I am in a complete trance,
As I lean over you,
Watching you,
Watch me.

You lay on the seat
with your hair spread around you,
your face towards mine.
How I wish that you would touch me,
but your hands lay on your stomach,
I lean further into the darkness
allowing my heart to beat just a little faster.
Can you hear it?

The effulgent moon cast its light through the window,
illuminating your face,
your perfectly pale skin and petite rose pink lips.
I want to touch you,
Your light blue eyes slowly make contact with my dark brown ones,
A smile escapes from you.
How beautiful and innocent.

Curling further into the seat,
a golden strand of hair falls into your face.
My hand almost acts instinctively,
I gently move the hair aside.
Lingering only for seconds on your cheek.

Withdrawing its light,
the moon allows the shadows engulf us once again.
I slowly move my hands to yours,
and touch them softly,
I will wait, I whisper.
You respond with small twitch of your hand.
I jump a little with surprise,
and a small a laugh parts your lips.

Yes, I will wait for you,


The author's comments:
This really happened, some parts that is and some of it was just my imagination.

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